Goods – Is there a blouse or pair of trousers in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while? Are you moving out of the area and have a lot of things that are too tedious to pack? Before throwing them away, consider the fact that someone else can be greatly blessed by the things you no longer need. Drop them off at N2N and be assured that someone will benefit greatly from your donated boots, blanket, clothing, or cooking utensils.

Funds – God has given resources to each person so that we could bless others and show the practicality of Jesus’ love. You may not have the time to volunteer but you can still contribute financially. Donations of any amount go a long way in helping to maintain this work and giving others hope. Your donations are tax deductible since N2N is a 501 C3 organization.

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If you want to donate goods check out our Thrift Store Page for more information!